6 Reasons for divorce in india

6 Reasons for Divorce in India | Best divorce lawyer in Delhi


Marriage is a beautiful union of two individuals and a family.

However, it is not that easy to maintain the sanctity of the bond unless both sides are ready to work upon it. It requires a lot of effort and devotion to carry on with this pious relationship for a lifetime.

Nowadays we can see that cases of divorce are on a rise and there is a number of reasons for divorce in India. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the major reasons that lead to divorce.

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6 Reasons for divorce in India

1. Incompatibility

Reasons for divorce in India

The first and foremost reason for divorce in India is incompatibility. Incompatibility issues mostly occur in arrange marriages where the couple doesn’t know each other in and out and incompatibility doesn’t only happens between couples but also between the in-laws and the girl. Hence as a result the girl finds it difficult to manage her responsibilities which eventually results in small fights and then turns into big fights. Incompatibility also occurs due to a mismatch of thoughts, values, and needs. Marriage is beautiful and married life is supposed to be happy and fun but when every day becomes a challenge due to these incompatibility issues, couples decide to separate their ways and opt for a divorce.

2. Miscommunication

Reasons for divorce in India

The next common reason for divorce in India is miscommunication. In fact behind every problem somewhere there is an issue of miscommunication.

Small fights can turn into big fights due to this communication problem. Assuming and preassuming is a common problem in our Indian household. Healthy discussion is very important to running a house, from managing finances to kids everything needs a healthy discussion. When this is absent the other partner feels isolated and left out therefore couples grow apart. Miscommunication can be very ugly sometimes and can lead to divorce.

3. Infidelity

Reasons for divorce in India

Infidelity is a common issue between couples. Be it male or a female both cheat their partners and this is something which is not tolerable at all in a relationship. Adultery in a relationship leads to a loss of trust in the partner and without trust no relationship can survive. Cheating in a relationship can be and should lead to divorce because there is absolutely no point in staying with a partner who is not loyal and is not true to you.

4. Addiction

Reasons for divorce in India

Sometimes one of the partners is addicted to alcohol and drugs and it becomes miserable to live with a partner who is addictive. An addictive person is at times dangerous because under the effects of the drugs a person becomes violent, abusive, and difficult to handle. This problem is common in arranged marriages because the couples don’t know each other’s habits.

People who are addicted often lose a chunk of money frequently because of their addictions and this habit commonly leads to fights in the house.

It is often seen that alcoholic husbands are often abusive and thus all this misery ends the relationship over time leading to divorce.

5. Domestic Abuse

Reasons for divorce in India

This is a very common problem that a woman faces in large parts of India both rural and urban. Some men treat their women as if they own them rather than treating them as a human and as their better half. Domestic violence is something that should not be tolerable to anyone however it is seen that women tolerate it up to a point until it exceeds their limit and only then do they decide to step out of the relationship. I also want to mention that domestic violence is not just physical, sometimes the in-laws harras their daughter-in-law for dowry and other nonsensical reasons. Mental abuse and abusing verbally also come under domestic violence.

Well according to me domestic violence should not be tolerated by anyone be it male or female and if you are suffering from this domestic violence problem whether physical, mental, emotional, or verbal, you should definitely decide to end the toxic relationship because nobody deserves such kind of behavior from a partner.

6. Family Issues

Reasons for divorce in India

It is said in India that marriage does not happen between the two people, it happens between the two families.

But the groom easily gets away with this family problem because he doesn’t have to live with his in-laws. The problem comes when a girl finds it difficult to maintain the balance in the new family that she is now a part of.

Nowadays women do not want to restrict themselves as housewives, they want to step out of the family and earn, be independent and live their life as they want to, on their own terms. But the in-laws want their daughter-in-law to take care of them, their son, and the entire household.

They don’t understand that it is not possible for a woman to take care of the entire household and her work.

The inlaws start to expect a lot from the girl and this leads to a lot of dissatisfaction, leading to small fights and then into big fights.

Regular fighting over petty things makes everyone’s life miserable leading to the creation of a negative atmosphere in the house.

In some cases, the couple moves to a different location to live but if the husband is not supportive and is unable to maintain the balance between his parents and his wife, the couple’s relationship also deteriorates with time. This can again lead to fights, misunderstandings, and finally divorce.


Marriage is indeed a beautiful journey but it has its own pros and cons. When people decide to enter into matrimony they should be ready to adjust and compromise a little bit.

Having said that I do want to mention that a little comprise is acceptable but a comprise that is costing you your mental, physical and emotional health is not something worth trying and waiting for.

As soon you realize that now your relationship is getting toxic, just take a deep breath, take the help of a good lawyer and move out because nothing is worth your life and mental peace. For consultation with best divorce lawyer visit us : advocatesandhyagupta.com

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What can a wife claim in divorce in India?

Under the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955, both the husband and wife are legally entitled to claim permanent alimony and maintenance. However, if the couple marries under the Special Marriage Act, 1954, only the wife is entitled to claim permanent alimony and maintenance.

Can a wife claim maintenance without divorce?

Yes, you can claim maintenance under section 24 of the Hindu Marriage Act from the husband even without divorce, if he is not making any payment. you can too file a complaint under the domestic violence act for the payment of maintenance.

What is the difference between a divorce and a legal separation?

A divorce is a complete dissolution of marriage while a legal separation legally divides the assets and debts of the couple, but they are still married.

What if only one partner wants a divorce?

If one person wants to get out of a marriage, he/she is legally able to do so whether the other person agrees or not

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